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Who we are

We are an intelligent post-click performance SEO platform.

That means that we store a LOT of your post-click data from sources like your Google Search Console, and we use it in a smart, aggregative way to create reports that will summarize your performance, make your SEO more accountable, and help you make better decisions.


What We Do

We are more than happy to offer you

Dynamic Storage of Keyword and Landing Page Data

  • Historically track and store your Google Search Console data post 90 days
  • We store up to 5,000 keywords and pages daily
  • All your data is available for analysis and download
  • Never have to specify keywords/pages for tracking
  • New keywords you rank for are automatically collected via Google’s Search Console
  • New keywords or pages that you rank with automatically identified

Page to Keyword Reporting

  • Get accurate keyword to page without guessing
  • Fight back keyword unavailable and secure search
  • Measure performance by keyword to page
  • Make your SEO work more accountable
  • Download Keyword to Page reports

Content Gap Analysis

  • Find Content Gaps- increase traffic with new content on top searches relevant to your target audience
  • Find Quick Wins- improve keywords rankings with landing page optimization
  • Find Your Top Performers- increase click throughs to your site with your top keyword drivers

On-Page Change Detector

  • Detect website content changes like Status Codes, Page Titles, Meta Descriptions and Header Tags
  • QA the implementation of recommendations without having to go on the source code of your pages
  • Get notified when something changes

SEO Copy tester

  • Identify best performing SEO Copy without any effort
  • ISOMER monitors your site for on-page copy changes and correlate them to performance metrics
  • You won’t have to add any keywords or do a manual analysis ever again.

Highlights Dashboard

  • Get human readable summary of performance
  • Find out exactly what has changed between last month or the last time you logged in.